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Upcoming Teacher Certifications

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Aug 26th, 2023
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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

 Feb 3rd 2024
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Private Sessions

Private Yoga (individual, couples, small groups)


Sound Bath Session

Corporate Yoga

Private Yoga Parties (birthdays, anniversaries, corporate etc)

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After purchasing, please call the studio to schedule (786) 732-6233

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Our Team

New Student Specials

One Month Unlimited $99

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One Week Unlimited $49

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Unlimited Yoga, Pre-paid

1 Month $180

3 Months $450

Class Packages (6 month expiration)

1 Class $25

5 Classes $100 

10 Classes $180 

20 Classes $300

Class packs cannot be extended, shared, nor transferred. No exceptions. 

Children Packages (6 month expiration)

1 Class $19

5 Classes $80

10 Classes $140

Children class packs can be shared between siblings. They can't be extended. No exceptions.

10% Discount for:

Family (2 family members and above), Seniors (65+), County Employees, College Students and Military with valid ID.

Gift Certificates Available

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All purchases are non-refundable.

All packages are non transferable, cannot be extended nor shared. Prices and classes may change any time without notice. 

Private Healing Sessions
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Yogi Testimonials

Yogi Testimonials

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"I have sat here for a few minutes now and I am just in complete awe of how beautiful this experience was. I am so happy I did this! Strangers became my family... my home. 
I am so fortunate to have experienced what I believe is the true yogic lifestyle through this teacher training. So many deep, beautiful and unforgettable moments. Tears were cried and felt together but laughter always filled the air! What a crazy bunch we are! Poor Ximena! 
Ximena was absolutely amazing. She is one of a kind! What a beautiful soul. The way she loved us as our teacher and guided us through this training has been perfect. 
We even call our Teacher Training experience - The portal of Awesomeness! My heart is full!"

Lanai Marin


"My first encounter with Bodhi yoga was about a year ago. I took a group of close friends to a vinyasa and instantly fell in love. 
I recall Ximena guided our practice this surreal day and by the time she was finished with us I was sobbing. Nothing to do with sadness but everything to do with mind, body and soul.
Despite my obvious contentment, I never freed time to practice again until this past June and before I knew it, I was part of the “portal of awesomeness” TTC 2018, that is.
Teacher, I cannot emphasize enough the impact you have had in my life with your guidance. Thank you for the lessons that helped me conquer self doubt. Thank you for the tears and the smiles that remind me daily who I am. Thanks to all the teachers and fellow yogis whom I’ve had the honor to share this stunning space with. You are all my gift."

Yanneth Alvarez


"Ximena's teacher training was uplifting! She guides you on a journey that awakens your mind, spirit, and body to discover what the true meaning of yoga is for you. The trainee will dive deeper into the philosophical, emotional and physical aspects of yoga while uncovering parts of themselves that they were unaware of. I recommend taking the teacher training under the guidance of Ximena Prelle. It will be one of the best decisions of your life! Namaste!" - Dr. Argarita Palavicini

"Something truly unique has been created at Bodhi Yoga. In Ximena's class I have found a family that encourages each other to develop healthy personal growth and to face the world with bravery and compassion. A timless tradition is presented with a modern outlook, providing us with tools to energize mind, body and spirit, and to transmit this positive energy to others in a rapily changing world. 

With an open mind and an open heart embark upon a yoga journey, and be ready to have some fun sweating your way to inner peace and loving kindness!"

Alejandro Fernandez


"Yoga and I have had our ups and downs over the last couple of years.  But its been the back bone to my physical and mental health for about 20 years now.  For the last couple of years, I’d been toying with the idea of deeping my practice and or teaching.  The TTC at Bodhi Yoga gave me more about the spiritual side of yoga as well as the fundamentals that many of us don’t learn even if we have been practicing for years. 

Over the past months, I have learned more about yoga than I thought possible but perhaps most importantly I have learned much about life.  The practice of yoga is so much more than the physical asanas.  Yoga is a way of life and until this course I did not understand that.  There are many studios out there and I am a total vibes person.  When I interviewed with Ximena Prelle at Bodhi Yoga Studio I felt great vibes from her and the Sangha Yogis.  I could see why so many others recommended Ximena and Bodhi Yoga.

You might think you signed up for Yoga Teacher Training but you actually are signing up for Life Training.  Namaste"

Betty Mauro

"Ximena Prelle provides a journey in this training, offering each and every student her geuine compassion, undivided attention and guidance through this transformative experience. I highly recommend this training for anyone searching to embody their comprehension of yoga and become in tune with their sense of self."

Sabrina Briani


"The teachers build students confidence as well as overall awareness to find their authentic selves. I recommend this class because they teach what yoga truly is on and off the mat. Namaste."

Shanti Dhookaran

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